Welcome to Magic Moments our season long competition! Every Orlando Magic game day, we post a Magic Moments graphic on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, featuring five potential outcomes for you to decide whether they will or will not happen during the game.

How To Play: Reply to that post with your full name, your five predictions and use the hashtag #MagicMoments

How To Score: 1 point is scored for every correct prediction, a maximum of 5 points can be awarded per game day.

Leaderboard: Fans must participate in a minimum of 5 Magic Moments to be added to the leaderboard, with a prize awarded to the winner at the end of the season.


Last Updated: 13/11/2022

1. @iPauloxD (34 Points)

2. Alan Cain, Ross Midlane, Tom Sone, Anthony Unwin (32 Points)

3. Angus Craig, Lastonetoarrive, Magic Raider (31 Points)

4. Callum Dickson (30 Points)

5. Dylan Jones, Soloman Grundy, David Wale (28 Points)

6. Geraint Jones (27 Points)

7. Ashley Plumb (26 Points)

8. Gary Craggs (25 Points)

9. Chyeaaah, Magic Bamba (24 Points)

10. Ismail Mukhtar (22 Points)

11. Mikey Bailey (21 Points)

12. Marc Dobson, Bezzy, Daniel Durham, Carl Mayhew (20 Points)

13. Dean Ketts, Dale A (19 Points)

14. Frazer, Mark Joss (18 Points)

15. Paul Bacon, Mikey Clark (17 Points)

16. Sixth Man Show (15 Points)

17. Tim Collins (13 Points)

18. Gemma Delbridge, Blue Blood (11 Points)