NBA Mock Draft 2018

Thursday night is another chance for the Orlando Magic to add another building block to compliment Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac in the NBA Draft. Here are our Mock Drafts as we look ahead to an eventful week surrounding the Draft.

Geraint’s Mock Draft

Mock drafts around the league are constantly changing and its difficult to grasp what we believe management will go for. One thing is for sure though, is that Jeff Weltman and John Hammond like a guy who can defend and has length. I would love to see Trae Young in a Magic uniform as not only does it solve a major issue, in that we don’t have a Point Guard of the future and the depth at the position isn’t great (No disrespect to DJ Augustin who handled the role last year admirably). Young brings with him the media limelight, which you may not get with some other players in the draft, note we didn’t get much publicity drafting Jonathan Isaac last year. However, if Mohammed Bamba is still on the board with Young then I can see management plucking for Bamba who won’t be a bad decision at all…. So it’s Young or Bamba for me in that order…. Just hope we don’t reach out for Sexton who I think could be had around the tenth pick. It would be interesting if Doncic started falling down the draft and become available when the Magic pick at 6, its such a shame we don’t have two picks to get both Young and Bamba.

Ideal Draft Pick – Trae Young or Mo Bamba

Not ideal – Colin Sexton

Lucien’s Mock Draft

As much as Mohammed Bamba is the player I’d like to see in a Magic jersey next season, dominating both ends of the floor with Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon, my head says that with the 6th pick the Magic will fill the point guard position with Trae Young. I also think Bamba will be gone before the Magic are on the clock.

We’re in great need of someone running the show since Jameer Nelson left, especially since Elfrid Payton wasn’t up to the job in his time with the Magic. From what I’ve seen and heard about Trae Young, he maybe a gamble worth taking. Ideally, he’ll be thrown straight into the starting lineup and hit the ground running.

Mikey’s Mock Draft

The Orlando Magic have two glaring needs at point guard and at center, and no matter how the draft shakes out on Thursday night, the Magic should have no problem filling one of those needs with the 6th overall pick. If Jeff Weltman and John Hammond have the opportunity to move up and draft Luka Doncic, without giving up Jonathan Isaac or our 2019 1st round pick, then you do what you can to get a deal done. That’s the best case scenario, but also an unlikely one for the Magic who lack significant assets and maybe forced to sit at 6.

I think it’s more likely that either Atlanta, Memphis or Dallas take a gamble by drafting Michael Porter Jr and could put Orlando in a position where they’re picking between Mohammed Bamba, Trae Young or Wendell Carter Jr. If Bamba is available when the Magic are on the clock, it’s hard to see Weltman and Hammond passing on him, given their draft history, picking long, athletic big men, but I’ll be just as happy to see us walk away with Trae Young as our point guard of the future.

Paul’s Mock Draft

I’ll be honest here and say that this year’s draft is a lot harder to judge at the top end than last. On my selection of the top 7 picks, I think Ayton is probably the only certainty as to where he will be picked. In the last few weeks, Luka Doncic’s stock seems to have dropped, whilst Trae Young and Mohammed Bamba’s has risen.

As an Orlando Magic fan I’m hoping we have the chance to go with Trae Young as our pick at 6. For me our biggest concern is that we desperately need some depth at the PG position and someone with an ability to create their own shot, especially from beyond the arc. Young seems to fit this need and from his media interviews appears to actually want to come to Orlando. He also has a now well documented association with Jonathan Isaac. I think we can use the lower picks, trades and free agency to try and gain talent to fill our other needs. If Young is no longer on the board, meaning Bamba (the guy looks to be a star in the making to me) or Doncic drop to us I will be happy to see either in the team come October.

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