Geraint Jones, Is This Anything?

Orlando Magic UK’s Geraint Jones got involved in helping out with his own ‘Is This Anything?’ and got a mention during the Magic vs Raptors game.

If you’re a regular watching Magic games on Fox Sports Florida, you’ll know that Magic commentators David Steele and Jeff Turner, introduced a new segment during broadcasts this season, called ‘Is This Anything?’.

A fun feature thats drawn interest from people around the NBA including NBA Senior Writer Zach Lowe who had this to say in a recent article on ESPN.

“You would be forgiven for ignoring the 2017-18 Orlando Magic. They’re bad, injured, and not all that entertaining — a crushing outcome after a promising 6-2 start. But you’re missing out on David Steele and Jeff Turner, emerging as one of the league’s best all-around announce teams.

They know the game, and they entertain without resorting to exaggerated fake-laughter or the sort of shrill homerism that infects too many League Pass broadcasts.

My favorite new touch: “Is This Anything?” — a parlor game Steele concocted before the season. In researching each opponent, Steele has a knack for unearthing weird statistical nuggets. The production crew would debate their significance. They decided to incorporate those debates into the broadcast. They just needed a name. The rhetorical “Is This Anything?” was an inside joke in the Steele household, something Steele thinks he subconsciously lifted from David Letterman’s skit of the same name.

The Magic version borrows much of Letterman’s absurdism. Steele picks some tidbit — the number of games in which Marreese Speights canned a triple within one minute of entering, Zaza Pachulia’s career 0-of-26 mark from deep — and he and Turner debate over whether it is, in fact, anything. When they are done, the production truck renders a verdict: They ring a bell if Steele has found something, or sound a “Family Feud”-style buzzer if Steele’s discovery amounts to nothing.

There are no criteria, and that is part of the fun. Steele plays up a sort of deadpan, hangdog helplessness as he sits at the mercy of an inscrutable judging process. I am all for any game that stokes tongue-in-cheek tension among a broadcast crew. That kind of melodrama has made “Who Am I?” must-watch TV for years on the Nets broadcast.

“It gives us something to talk about in what is becoming another long season,” Steele says.”

Orlando Magic UK co-founder Geraint Jones sent in his own ‘Is This Anything’ that David Steele used during the broadcast in the game between the Magic and Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. Also Dante Marchitelli, Brian Hill, David Steele and Jeff Turner discuss it postgame. Check them out below!

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